What does a DRY AGER™ do?

Dry aged beef is in high demand, in restaurants, butcher shops and supermarkets, by using the best technology in the process, it will ensure optimal end results, and that’s what a DRY AGER™ does, provides you with the best environment to dry age beef.The dry aging process is simple to understand, as meat is hung on the bone to age, moisture evaporates from the muscle and the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle.

With both changes occuring simultaneously, this creates a greater concentration of beef flavour, taste and texture.

Dry aged beef is reknowned for its unique, developed flavour and texture, which is why it is highly sought after on the menu.

Then why use a DRY AGER™?

To achieve the best result from beef it needs aging, and aging needs time.

For these two changes to occur, correct atmospheric conditions must be met to ensure optimal quality of the end result.

Purpose-built, the DRY AGER™ provides you with the optimal conditions for you to dry age, whether it be at the restaurant, butcher shop or even at home.

As meat hangs in the cabinet, the interior must be constantly sterilised to ensure that the meat does no spoil and remains safe for consumption.

In the DRY AGER™, the air is sterilised every minute, together with the UVC disinfection system and activated charcoal carbon filter to ensure safe internal conditions.

Different meats require different settings, where beef typically dry ages at 1.5°C at around 80% relative humidity for 28 days, other proteins such as duck or fish do not use the same settings.

This is because of the different results that are achieved.

Fish, for instance doesn’t have as much muscle to breakdown, and the desired dry aged result is for dry skin yet flavourful meat.

Thus, you will have to have the ability to vary and change the humidity and temperature for inside the cabinets.

With the DRY AGER™ you have full electronic temperature control with a precise regulation of humidity.

Paramount to effective dry aging.

Advantages of dry aging

What does dry aged mean?

It’s a more premium piece of meat, with more care taken into curating the ultimate meat experience.

Dry aging products not only produces unmistakable aromas of nut and butter, but also improves the consistency.

Think of the best steak experience you’ve ever had, and take it to the next level.

Meat connoisseurs regularly boast that dry aging gives meat a completely new flavour, far from the wet aged vacuum packed meat we have been accustomed to recognise.


In short, the DRY AGER™ provides you with the optimal conditions, using patented technology to perfectly dry age beef, pork, fish, duck and more.

The interior sterilisation system, coupled with full electronic temperature and humidity controls will give you the tools you need to dry age, and dry age at scale with the DRY AGER™ Production Units.

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