The Award-Winning Dry Ager®

After years of research & development into developing the ultimate meat maturing cabinet for homeowners, restauranteurs and butchers around the world, Dry Ager® has been awarded some of the highest mentions in the design and appliance industry for the DX Series of the dry aging cabinets - for its functionality and superior design.


Winner of iF Design Award 2018

The iF Award is awarded annually by an independent panel of judges. The award was founded in 1953, placing a strong emphasis on a products' design and functionality - one cannot seamlessly without the other.

Additionally, social and ethical responsibility are highly considered criteria that determine award winners.

The Dry Ager® dry aging cabinets are sustainably produced from start to finish.

Globally recognised, the iF Award honours achievements in product, communication and interior design. Out of 6,400 companies, from 54 countries, Dry Ager was triumphant.


reddot award 2018 - winner

One of the most sought-after design awards in the world, the reddot award is globally recognised to capture the 'best of the best', defining the most innovative national brands. The range of products that can be awarded can be from TVs, to face creams.

In 2018, over 6,300 products were nominated from 59 countries in a bid for the award, determined by an independent panel of judges.

The winners are determined based on 48 product categories - from level of innovation, functionality to ecological compatibility.

The Dry Ager® intuitive design and functionality surpassed other products in the category - being awarded the reddot 2018 award.


German Design Award Winner 2018

A globally recognised award from the German Design Council, the goal for this award is to discover, present and reward unique design trends.

Out of 2,500 entrants in the "Excellent Product Design" category, Dry Ager® were proud to come out on top, winning the coveted award.

A statement from the jury:

The Dry Ager ageing cabinet does not need a water connection and is thus also suitable for home use. A timelessly beautiful design that it would be a shame to hide in a cellar.




Four-time Plus X Award 2017 Winner

The Plus X Award is the world's largest award for innovation for technology. Honouring cutting-edge technology in consumer electronics, heat & cooling, appliances and many more categories.

An expert panel consisting of professionals in various industries, decides upon each category of the Plus X Award, recognising outstanding brands for their commitment to innovation, design, quality, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology.

In 2018, Dry Ager® was proudly awarded winner in four categories for the DX Series Dry Aging Cabinets.




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