Is dry aged meat safe?

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Although it is one of the most traditional methods for aging meat, just at first glance, a carcass hanging in a cabinet can cause strife for any observant eye wondering, is it actually safe to eat?

When aged in a precisely controlled environment, dry aged meat is 100% safe for consumption.

There are certain elements of the process that must be closely monitored, and these are:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity levels
  • Sterilisation

For retail butcher stores in Australia, many states have implemented dry aging certification or regulations to ensure that the appliances used to dry age meat meet high standards.

Unlike other dry aging meat cabinets, the Dry Ager® uses patented technology to regulate all the elements in dry aging. Going above and beyond these requirements, the Dry Ager® has been recognized at an international level as being a product of exceptional standards, being awarded the German Design Award 2018.


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When you see the Dry Ager® in-store at your local butcher, you can be assured that any dry aged meat that you purchase has been aged in correct conditions.

For example, in Victoria, retail butchers must apply with PrimeSafe, the statutory authority for regulating meat, seafood and poultry in Victoria. Making sure that dry aged meat is safe for consumers.

You can read more about the regulations involved with dry aging meat here

Dry aging meat isn’t just restricted to the butcher shop, you will also find that this high quality, tender meat is being served in more high-end restaurants as the product finds itself onto more menus across the nation.

The best way to see if you’re a lover of dry aged meat, is to first try it at the restaurant. Many restaurants like Chophouse and FireDoor utilise the Dry Ager® cabinets for dry aging.

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Then try it for yourself at home. Stop by your local butcher and ask if they use the Dry Ager® meat cabinets, and find out what they’re dry aging at the moment.  We’ve got great recipes that are easy to follow and are great for entertaining or even treating yourself.

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