Why Dry Ager® is the only meat maturing cabinet that you should own

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Nowadays we’re all interested in improving on perfection – how can I make my favourite dish better or uncover a hidden gem in a new recipe?

Aging meat has grown in popularity for home foodies, chefs and butchers alike. Combining an excellent, tender texture of meat with a dramatic and theatrical process. But due care must be taken when selecting your meat maturing cabinet.

.. you want the meat that you age and sell ... to be safe.

There are several factors that make the Dry Ager® superior to its nearest competitor.

The German-made Dry Ager® has been designed with the end user in mind, to ensure a seamless experience when maturing meat. At the end of the day, you want the meat that you age and sell in the shop, serve to your patrons and family to be safe. Here’s why, the Dry Ager® should be the only maturing cabinet on your radar.


Electronic Climate Control System

It’s the true essence of how dry aging is completed – maintaining certain humidity levels to draw out the moisture.

A regular kitchen refrigerator doesnt have enough smart control to maintain humidity and temperature levels – as the door will definitely be opened and closed throughout the day, sometimes at length when preparing dinners or lunches.

Due to the unreliability of a refrigerator’s temperatures, you can not be certain that the meat is aging at cold enough or humid enough conditions to ensure a safe aging process.

With the Dry Ager® DX Series, humidity and temperature controls are set using the patented HumiControl® system that you will only receive with a Dry Ager® that guarantees a constant environment for the meat aging process.


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Air Regulation

Due to the nature of meat aging and the environment required, it is essential that the climate within the cabinet be constantly sterilised to minimise any possibility of harmful bacteria or germs forming – which would render the meat that has just been aged useless and unsafe.

The Dry Ager® encompasses patented technology DXAirReg® which not only guarantees the perfect micro-climate and constant sterilisation of the unit.

No matter if the external environment changes, with this smart control system, the Dry Ager® DXAirReg® system will maintain a sterilised interior climate.






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