How much meat fits into the cabinets and what weight-loss can you expect through dry aging?

At the moment there are 2 sizes available:

DX 500® (for up to 20 kg of meat)
The small DRY AGER® is the perfect product for private and commercial use, difference is the physical size of the unit. The small unit has the same great technology installed and is perfect for Dry-Aging meat, charcuterie, salami and ham. You can use it as a free standing unit or just install it in a wall, which looks even better. To load this unit, we recommend to use the shelves, which are included and also the optional hanger for pieces up to 50 cm in length.

DX 1000® (for up to 100 kg of meat)
The bestseller in our range – perfect as a free standing unit or as an installation in a wall single or side-by-side. This fantastic Dry-Aging Fridge is perfect to load with up to 2-3 complete back loins hanging, each up to 25 kg. Mixing is possible as well, just take full shelves or half shelves and hang the pieces inside + put them on shelves, it is your decision. To fill the fridge completely, just take 5 full shelves and put your meat on the shelves to have in total approx. 100 kg inside. Important: Do not fill it up too much, otherwise you block the air-flow

Dry Aging = meat loses weight. The weight loss in the DRY AGER® is surprisingly small:

-Beef: After 4 weeks approx. 7 – 8 % | After 6 weeks approx. 12 %
-Pork: After 3 weeks approx. 9 – 10 %

This is a very important benefit to our Dry Aging Fridge. We have found out after intensive testing, that many others so called “Dry Aging Cabinets and Fridges” of other companies, loose up to 3 x more weight.

So you see, in the DRY AGER® the result immediately effects your wallet!

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