Top 5 Tips for Maintaining your new DRY AGER™

Like every premium product, the secret to its ongoing success is in maintenance.


When using a Dry Aging Cabinet, you must maintain it, and this will protect its longevity for years to come.

1. Check and empty the salt drip tray regularly


Through use of the cabinet, moisture will build up in the drip tray, hence the need to use a drip tray, this protects the moisture from pooling into the cabinet. No, it’s not a lot of water, but enough that it will need to be cleaned out regularly.


We recommend that this is done at least every fortnight, when the cabinet is in use.


If the cabinet is idle, then it does not have to be completed, however when in use, it is always recommended to clean out the drip tray regularly.


Simply, remove the salt blocks from the tray, empty out the water, wipe down the tray and re-insert the Himalayan salt blocks.


This takes about two minutes.


2. Wipe down the cabinet after each cycle


Using the DRY AGER™ Special Cleaner, spray a few times onto a dry chux cloth, and wipe down the inside of the cabinet and remove any meat particle that may have fallen.


Using a new cloth, spray the DRY AGER™ Special Cleaner onto the cloth and wipe the exterior of the cabinet.


Do not use the same cloth to clean the interior and exterior of the cabinet.

3. Running a full defrost cycle

Resetting the internal conditions of the cabinet after every few cycles will allow the cabinet to operate at full potential.


If the cabinet is overloaded or there is not enough space in between the meat pieces, ice may form at the back of the cabinet as the ventilation will be affected and this will affect the dry aging results.


Read more on the Defrost Cycle

4. Remixes are fun, but don’t mix the meat!


Ensure that when in operation, that you are dry aging meat of the same group only, and not mixing between one and the next. When dry aging beef, ensure that only beef is in the cabinet, and not a mix of beef, fish and cheese.




5. Spare UVC Bulb & Carbon Filters


Unique to the DRY AGER™ Cabinets, the patented HumiControl™ and ventilation system works 24 hours per day to remove any harmful bateria inside the cabinet. With this being so, every 12 months, the UVC bulb and Carbon Filter require to be changed.


At 12 months, the ‘error code’ on the LED display will display ‘UCC’, this is a notification that the installed UVC Bulb and Carbon Filter are nearing their useful lives and require to be replaced.


Simply order the two parts online through our website and they will be dispatched to you with instructions on how to replace the two parts.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our helpful team.


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