The Purpose of Dry Aging Meat

Concept of Dry Aging

Although is it a meat maturing process dating back thousands of years, dry aging beef as opposed to the recent innovation of wet aged beef, is a process of allowing the beef to hang for an extended period of time in a chilled environment.

By dry aging your beef, the moisture in the meat evaporates and escapes which allows the flavour of the beef to intensify and develop into a powerful taste.

Wet aging is a form of vacuum packaging meat and is refrigerated for a much shorter period of time.

Wet aged meat is the cost-efficient alternative which allows producers to export quantities at a quicker rate.

Dry aging in Australia is typically completed by your butcher or even in the restaurant.

Many homeowners enjoy the ability to be able to dry-age cuts of meat in their own home and showcase their abilities when entertaining or cooking en masse.

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