The DRY AGER Success Story

A company with a family tradition


Manfred Landig was a man with two seemingly unrelated passions. He was both a refrigeration technician and an avid hunter.


For his day job in his early years, Manfred worked on refrigeration and creating packaging solutions for food. As a hunter, great food, to him, mostly just included meat.


 Eventually, finding a harmonious combination of these two interests led to the Landig family’s creation of the DRY AGER™ cabinet


Manfred was never just satisfied with the way things were, and always saw potential to improve the way things were done. He passed this attitude on to his sons.


Christian and Aaron Landig were brought up living and breathing the construction of refrigeration equipment, thanks to their father, Manfred. The two were involved in their parent’s business since they were children.


After college, masters school, and gaining external professional experience, the brothers returned to these roots in 2012.


In his sons, the two major passions of Manfrid Landig finally combined into one goal – a determination to revolutionise the process of Dry Aging meat.


Starting completely from scratch, Christian and Aaron had no real resources to show them what great Dry Aging entailed. So, the research and development for the perfect cabinet begun. The brothers worked tirelessly for several years, continually refining their innovative creation.


Finally, they succeeded in completing a Dry Aging Fridge ready for sale. They presented it to the world – a new type of DRY AGER™– effective, safe, reliable and 100% made in Germany.


The world-wide response was, and continues to be, phenomenal!


The Landig Brothers’ products and dry aging solutions are now available worldwide in more than 60 countries. You could say all their hard work paid off, as the DRY AGER® brand has become the undisputed number 1 in the field of professional solutions for Dry Aging.


When you consider that all this was achieved in a matter of a few years, is something that the Landig family prides themselves in – revolutionising and producing such a premium product!





Today, Christian and Aaron run the company together with their younger brother Dr. Andreas Landig. Together the three brothers continuously work towards building new, forward-looking projects.


As the world sits back and watches in awe, these brothers are working tirelessly – crafting and innovating the next evolution of the DRY AGER®. Predicting what they are going to create next has become impossible, as each new improvement takes the dry aging experience to an unforeseen, new level.

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