Storing dry aged meat

A few weeks after placing your meat in the dry ager, its finally ready. The aging program has completed and left you with a delicious piece of marbled protein. But what can you do with it?


Well, if you are planning to indulge instantly then by all means go ahead. Savour the flavour and be rewarded for your weeks of patience.


However, if you are not quite ready to feast with family and friends then there is good news for you. Vacuum packed dry aged meat can be refrigerated for three to seven days. But just be careful not to leave it longer, as there is a distinct line between tasting perfection and tasting dissatisfaction.


If you decide you’d rather reward yourself and others months down the track, this is when a freezer comes in handy. Dry aged meat can be stored in the freezer for around six months. So, if you’ve managed to hold off for this long, why not wait just a few more months? Ensure that the meat is properly vacuum packed.


Whether you make the executive decision to wait a few months to feast or to indulge without delay, be sure to have either your fridge or freezer storage available to ensure that you don’t spoil your long anticipated dry aged meat.

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