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Design is not just a question of taste – it’s a statement of sophistication and quality. Luckily,shopfitting trends don’t change as regularly as fashion.

For butchers, technology plays a major role alongside aesthetics, after all, the goods should not only be well presented, but kept fresh too.As the customer enters the store, guide them through your products, this will give you the best opportunity to showcase your range and skills.

What looks good is bought

When buying food, the eye is often the most important sense organ. We buy what looks fresh and appealing. High-quality materials in the furnishings, emphasise the quality of the goods.

Metal surfaces made of stainless steel or copper in particular make the products shine – and create confidence because the materials are easy to keep hygienically clean. They are an excellent match for the retro wave of the store design trend. Basically, clarity of colour is the order of the day. Light shades appear cleaner and emphasise the variety of colours of the goods on offer.

Create atmosphere

Cannings_Black Dry AgersFor many people, shopping is no longer just a thoughtless task but an experience. This also includes the ripening process of the meat in a dry aging cabinet such as the DRY AGER®.

This creates proximity between the product and the customer. Some companies even rely entirely on transparency and work in glass production rooms. A small snack is also part of a shopping day for many consumers. A snack counter and an inviting eating area should therefore be planned.




In the right light

Lighting design is also crucial, especially for fresh produce such as meat products. Too bright a light makes the goods shine unnaturally, too pale a light turns it grey. Soft light sources mixed with red light are the best way to emphasise the colouring of the flesh. To avoid distracting light reflections, it is recommended to use anti-reflective glass surfaces.


A complete trend

The DRY AGER® unites important elements of the shop fitting trends. The stainless steel surfaces and energy-saving LED interior lighting make the Dry Aged Beef a highlight in the shop or restaurant area. The glass doors provide a clear view of the delicacies. Many customers ask when the pieces are finished after a look in the cupboard. This means that the door does not have to be opened and the maturing process is not disturbed.

A salt wall in a larger ripening chamber provides an eye-catcher. It not only fulfills optical purposes, but also helps to keep the environment in the chamber germ-free.

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