Salami Season

As the blistering cold of winter hits, for some this signals the start of salami season.

Here’s how to create the time-honoured traditional salami at home all year round with DRY AGER™

The traditional process of salami making is typically a winter activity, as it means the temperature and humidity is ideal for producing salami.


Traditionally, Italians – the masters of salami making – hang their smallgoods in their cellar and watch it gradually transform over the chilly weeks of winter. As time goes on, the meat gradually loses its moisture and muscle and darkens into rich, tender, fragrant salami.


However, here in Australia – where cellars are unfortunately rare – most settle for the next best thing. Hanging a few cured meats up in a hastily converted garage, shed or laundry.


This can lead to several serious challenges to the time-honoured, DIY aging process.

One major threat is the interference of curious creatures – dogs, rats, flies, and even children. Hanging salami can prove an irresistible attraction to all of these if you have no way to secure it. Resulting in contamination to your aging salami.


Beyond this, what about the factors you have absolutely no control over?


Especially in Australia, it can be difficult to predict what weather we’ll be dealing with – even in winter. Crucial concerns like unregulated sunlight, rain, temperature, airflow, and humidity can majorly affect the quality of the final product you produce. Because salami is a cured meat, it’s vulnerable to bacteria growth and unwanted mould if storage conditions during fermenting and aging aren’t just right.


Without a space dedicated to salami production, these are just some of the uncontrollable threats that can create major speed bumps in your process.


Enter the German-made DRY AGER™ Dry Aging Cabinet. This precision-built Dry Ager™  can be set to a unique salami program, which provides the ideal conditions for salami to age properly. All you need to do is hang your salami, close the door, and walk away. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy a cosy winter, content your salami season has never be so simple or effective.


Or what if you want salami all year round? With the Dry Ager™, there’s no longer any need to wait till winter. You can manually create those perfect salami-aging conditions all year round.


The DRY AGER™ is a secure cabinet, removing any threat of contamination. With a lockable cabinet door and airtight seal, simply turn the key, and your salami is beyond reach.


The UV tinted glass door may have you wondering how the cabinet can limit the effect of elements like sunlight, temperature, and humidity. The solution is simple. The cabinet glass is double glazed, creating powerful UV protection. The cabinet is also completely watertight, and so protects its contents from moisture.


Humidity and temperature are regulated by the Dry Ager™ control panel, which creates an interior atmosphere that can be controlled down to the minutest detail. Dry Ager™ cabinets are set to a relative temperature and humidity setting, that precisely suits the needs of your salami.


Controlling airflow is also vital for salami production, and exquisitely simple in a Dry Ager™. A fan is set at the back of the cabinet, to provide the exact air flow needed for salami aging.


However, if you’re nervous and want to check your salami is in good hands, simply stroll over and check your Dry Ager™ display. With an inbuilt control board that shows the current conditions inside, you can be assured all is well in a quick glance.


So, salami season is right around the corner, and our team are ready to supply all salami lovers with the worldwide #1 dry aging cabinet to facilitate year-round salami.


With a Dry Ager cabinet, salami aging is effortless. You’ll question why you agonized through the manual process when our aging cabinet removes all uncertainty. Eliminate all complications this salami season, with Dry Ager™ reliable cabinet providing you guaranteed, straightforward results.


Top Image Credit: Polperro Wines Red Hill

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