Limestone Caves vs DRY AGER

Dry aging in caves, often referred to as cave-aged, is a traditional method of dry aging meat in natural underground environments, such as limestone caves.

This approach has been used for centuries and is known for imparting unique and distinct flavours to the meat.

Natural Environment: Limestone caves are ideal for dry aging due to their natural properties. These caves typically have stable temperature and humidity levels, which are crucial for successful dry aging.

The cool, damp conditions inside the caves provide an ideal environment for meat preservation.


Temperature and Humidity Control: Caves maintain relatively constant temperatures, typically between 1°C to 3°C, and high humidity levels, often around 80% to 85%.

This stable environment is essential for slowing bacterial growth, allowing for moisture loss, and facilitating the enzymatic breakdown of meat proteins.


Unique Microbial Flora: Caves have their own unique microbial flora, which can develop on the meat’s surface during aging.

These microorganisms can contribute to the flavour and character of the aged meat, giving it a distinct, earthy, and sometimes nutty or mushroom-like aroma and taste.


Now, before you start frantically searching for a limestone cave, allow us to introduce you once again to a much more civilised and accessible simple solution for all – behold, the DRY AGER™!

The German made DRY AGER™ range is a solution for home foodies, butchers, restaurants and everyone in between.


Controlled Environment: DRY AGER™ cabinets offer precise control over temperature, humidity, and airflow. This allows for consistent and repeatable results.


Hygienic: Cabinets are designed to be hygienic and easy to clean, reducing the risk of contamination.


Space and Accessibility: Cabinets are compact and can be placed in commercial kitchens or even homes, making dry aging accessible to a wider range of consumers.


Shorter Aging Periods: While cabinets can produce excellent dry-aged meat, the shorter aging periods (typically a few weeks to a few months) may result in milder flavours compared to long cave aging.


The choice between dry aging in caves and using DRY AGER™ cabinets depends on various factors, including personal preference, available space, and desired flavour profiles.


Enquire today about how the DRY AGER™ cabinets can help you take a step back in time in aging methods, in a modern, simple, sophisticated way.

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