Keeping your Dry Ager Smart Ager Clean & Healthy

One of the most important aspects of dry aging is keeping your DRY AGER™ cabinet environment clean and healthy.


Any mould or bacteria in an enclosed space with food can be extremely risky.


Its the owner’s responsibility to stay on top of the cleaning task after each cycle of meat inside the cabinet.


Remember, safe meat starts with a clean environment. ‘Don’t let bacteria party in your pantry!’

1. Preparation

  • Wear clean, protective gloves

  • Remove all food from inside the unit and temporarily store in a refrigerated area

  • Switch off the unit. Then pull out the power supply plug or trigger or unscrew the upstream fuse.

  • Remove the used accessories such as shelves, hangers, salt tray from the unit

2. Cleaning the Accessories

  • Clean the hanger, the shelves and the salt tray with water and a suitable cleaning agent, such as DRY AGER® Special Cleaner.

  • Clean other accessories according to the specified cleaning instructions.


3. Cleaning the Interior

  • Use a damp (lukewarm water + suitable agent such as DRY AGER® Special Cleaner) soft cloth or sponge to clean the inside of the unit.

  • Thoroughly dry all parts with a soft cloth.

  • Repeat the cleaning procedure if necessary


4. Starting the Cleaning Program

  • After each completed aging process, in addition to steps 1 to 3 above, the pre-cleaning program (P16) can also be activated. Duration: 2 hours.


5. Cleaning the Outside

  • Clean the door surface and the outer walls with a clean, soft cloth.
    If necessary, a high-quality stainless steel and glass cleaner can be used to clean the corresponding surfaces.


Cleaning Cycle- Program 16 (P16):

Program 16 is typically used after you have completed cleaning your DRY AGE™ Smart Ager cabinet. When you switch the cabinet back on, select P16 and leave the door closed and unit empty for at least 2-hours.


This will allow the ozone from the UV globe to circulate the chamber to kill bacteria, mould and other micro-organisms that may be present on the surfaces.


Once this cycle is complete, you can be sure your cabinet is fully clean, healthy, and ready to use again.

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