How much does a DRY AGER™ cost?

Dry aging, in its purest form not only adds incredible value to beef, but also develops the flavour and texture so much that it is almost unrecognisable from its original form.

With this in mind, the technology behind such an appliance, whether it be used for the budding home foodie, the experienced butcher or chef, must be up to its highest possible standard to ensure quality.

When considering a dry aging cabinet, the device needs to be state-of-the-art and expertly engineered. Manufacturing dry aging cabinets isn’t a backyard hobby, and shouldn’t be treated as one either.

Dry aging cabinets are not like normal refrigerators purchased at department stores, the technology inside is far superior to a household fridge.


With dry aging, there isn’t a quick-fix method if the technology doesn’t perform. Simply put, there isn’t a bandaid solution that will fix meat that has spoiled due to sub-par technology, or compressors failing during the aging process.

Quality in craftmanship is key to dry aging.

Most commonly, the aging process takes a minimum of 21 days, during which it is essential that there is little interruption inside the cabinet, to ensure precise sterilisation and air flow.

If the appliance used does not perform, meat may ultimately spoil, and become inedible. So those weeks spent waiting and meat purchased has gone to waste and now you’re left with an inoperable unit.

Quality in craftmanship is key to dry aging.


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Some features to be looking for when looking for a dry aging cabinet are:

  • Sterilisation inside the cabinet – dry aging cabinets require an active sterilsation system. There are cabinets that suggest they do not, and will sell this ‘feature’ to you as a way of it being more user-friendly, frankly, spoiled meat isn’t user-friendly. When you purchase a Ferrari, you’ll still be taking it for a service, when buying a DRY AGER™ Cabinet, simple sterilisation tasks must be upheld. This is simply replacing the UVC bulb and charcoal carbon filter – nothing overly strenuous at all.
  • Use of Himalayan salt blocks – dry aging brings out the true flavour of meat, and the salt in the process assists in the flavour development within the cabinet. Like above, if the cabinet doesn’t require salt – then don’t waste your time. Afterall, you’re dry aging for flavour and texture, if you wanted a basic pedestrian steak, then your local supermarket can help you there.
  • Country of origin – yes this plays a major role in the quality of the unit. Expert engineering is critical to the success of the components working together to produce the best steak of your life. So why German-made? Germany is renowned for their expert manufacturing and sophisticated products, it’s a fact. Its robust economy is due to its remarkable success of its manufacturing sector. German-made products have remained as a strong leader against its cheaper competitors in Asia and elsewhere because of their incredible use of new technology. When looking at dry aging cabinets, look for German made.


All these factors, and others play an integral role in the operation and success of dry aging cabinets.

Dry aging cabinets are predominantly for commercial operation – only with a DRY AGER™ can this craft be taken home, using the same technology as found in Restaurants and Butcher Stores.

The plug & play features of the DRY AGER™ Cabinets allow for home foodies to take up the craft, with a simple set up and operation.

Professional dry aging cabinets commonly start at $5,645 ex GST for the smallest unit with 20kg capacity.

With the range offering capacities in freestanding solutions of up to 100kg, the DRY AGER™ is the perfect dry aging solution for every home foodie, chef and butcher to expertly dry age with the best technology has to offer.

For an art dating back hundreds of years, there was really only one way to preserve meat – by aging it. It ensured that germs stayed away and paved the way for a flavour-profile transformation.

The time to dry age is now. Welcome to the age of dry aged.

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