How and Where to begin?

Concept of Dry Aging

Congratulations on your purchase of your very own DRY AGER meat maturing cabinet, now you must be thinking – where do I begin? Well, here we go, let’s take you on the journey…


The second-most exciting part of your DRY AGER is seeing the delivery truck arrive and unload your new buddy!

When unboxing your new DRY AGER, take special care and note our party trick – your door handle will not arrive attached to the cabinet – why? Sometimes through delivery it would cause damage to the door frame, so we will send it to you with the screws to attach yourself.

DX1000 black edition

Meat Quality

The best meat recognised for dry aging is rib-eye on the bone. We recommend to purchase from a dealer who sources their meat from a good quality abattoir.

The younger the animal, the better the result. It is always ideal to buy a piece of meat that has a good fat content and a high rate of internal marbling.

It is advisable to mature the meat on the bone either hanging or in the largest possible joints. The reason for this is to minimize the pure meat exposed to the air, reducing any weight loss.

How long do you dry age meat?

The process of dry aging intensifies the meat flavour and when you’re just starting out, we recommend to start small and build up depending on how intense you like the meat flavour.

So, always start out at 21 days, take it out and taste how well-matured the meat is. If you love it – then take it further, and add another week to the mix!

At 21 days, the maximum tenderness is reached, thereafter, only the flavour becomes more intense.


What’s the maximum duration to dry age?

We recommend dry aging for up to 6 weeks.

Ensure that you are hygienically handling the meat, when the dry aging process is complete – trim the thin crust, ready for it to be de-boned or cut into steaks.

When dry aging in the DRY AGER, the result is a high quality piece of meat that brings out a natural, but more intensive flavour. The texture of the matured meat is tender, yet firm and has a perfect bite.

You will notice that when the dry aged meat is grilled or pan fried, there are hardly any meat juices and the fat surrounding it gives off a spicy aroma.


Welcome to the world of the DRY AGER.

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