Home Made Ham

How can you use your DRY AGER® Dry Aging Unit to produce your own ham?


The SmartAging® technology revolutionises this dry aging cabinet, making it a complete ham production setup for your home.


No need to master the art of butchery to achieve flawless ham results with the DRY AGER®. With premium cuts of beef, pork, poultry, or game, following basic hygienic practices, adding a few spices, and using the right ham recipes, like those found in the DRY AGING Book, you can effortlessly create renowned specialties within the cozy confines of your own home.

Don’t you need to be an expert to make ham?

While it’s true that crafting ham specialties like pancetta, wild game ham, or original American pastrami from beef brisket demands meticulous care and time-consuming steps in the dry aging process, it’s far from being an impossible task.


The beauty of it lies in the simplicity: anyone who takes pleasure in working with top-notch meat products can effortlessly follow the explicit instructions and produce exquisite delicacies using the DRY AGER™.

Even seemingly intricate stages, such as “saturating” the ham during the curing process to infuse it with marinade, are seamlessly automated, all thanks to SmartAging® Technology.

What else do I need to make real homemade ham?


You can create authentic, high-end food using only the DRY AGER™ dry aging unit, top-quality meat, and a passion for excellence.


When preparing delicacies like ham or bacon that require smoking, a simple smoker will suffice during the production process. For larger cuts, such as whole pork legs, appropriately sized plastic tubs are essential for curing the meat. To handle smaller cuts, a vacuum sealer proves handy. The DRY AGER® Dry Aging Unit takes care of the rest, from curing to saturating and the final dry aging process.


Ham-like dried meat specialties, such as beef jerky or richer variants like Biltong from South Africa, often made from venison, only call for a few additional ingredients, such as a touch of salt. Tailored spice mixes for specific meats can significantly enhance the flavours.

Furthermore, the storing program can prolong the pleasure of your homemade ham by several weeks.

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