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The Original German-Made DRY AGER™ Dry Aging Meat Cabinet

The max. meat capacity is up to 100 kg, using state-of-the-art in design & technology, at an affordable price-performance ratio.

The DX 1000® is the first Dry Aging fridge worldwide, with an integrated activated carbon filter, combined with an active UVC-ventilated-disinfection system, which sterilises all of the air in the fridge every minute. As a result, germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance.


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Himalayan Salt Block Set & Stainless Steel Drip Tray

3 x DRY AGER Turning Hooks

3 x Full Shelves

1 x Hanger Bar

It's the details that matter

DX1000 Premium





Specification Sheets

Housing Stainless steel
Inner container antibacterial polystyrene
INNER BACK WALL black steel, brushed black stainless steel
INSULATING GLASS DOOR UV protection, tinted (metal vapor)
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS (H x W x D) 137.1 x 57.8 x 58.7 cm
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (H x W x D) 165.0 x 70.0 x 74.2 cm
ENERGY CONSUMPTION even with glass door only 1.8 kWh / 24 hours
TEMPERATURE RANGE 0 °C to +25 °C, electronically adjustable in increments of 0.1 °C
HUMIDITY HUMICONTROL® - electronic humidity controller, adjustable from

60 % to 90 % (no external water supply or water container required)


AIR FLOW & HYGIENE DX AirReg® provides perfect air flow, fresh air activated carbon

filter and UVC sterilization


INTERIOR LIGHTING DX LED Premium lighting, dimmable, integrated in side walls for

the best possible illumination of displayed products. No ultraviolet

radiation light spectrum. Minimal heat development, no direct

heating of the meat.


MAXIMUM LOAD up to 100 kg of cuts on shelves or 2-3 strip loins with

a length of approx. 1.2 m



Inside the fridge, the meat ages on the bone at a humidity of around 85% and a temperature of 2 °C. The precise electronic control system of the DRY AGER DX1000 ensures the accurate regulation of temperature, which can be set in precise 0.1 °C increments.

Air Control

The humidity is also controlled accurately through the integrated HumiControl system, which can be set between 60% and 90%. This guarantees, together with the DX AirReg system, a perfect micro-climate, an ideal air-flow and continuous sterilization inside the DRY AGER – even when the outside temperature fluctuates.

UV Protection

To protect the contents inside the fridge from harmful UV-light, the stylish insulated stainless door incorporates a metallic tinted glass.

Not just beef...

The DRY AGER is not only restricted to dry aging beef, but can also be used for the production of charcuterie, smallgoods, air drying cured ham, dry aging pork and lamb, maturing cheese, or simply as a stylish fridge.

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