Dry Aged – Is Here To Stay

A lot of trends in the fast-paced food industry, drop before they even have a chance to take off. But when it comes to dry aging, get comfy everyone. This is not a trend that people will lose interest in, anytime soon. We’re watching people realise they are only beginning to scratch the surface of how dry aging can naturally enhance their food. As more people get hooked on these new flavours, they’re becoming the expected standard.

Over the past few years there has been a major shift in consumer behaviour, as global restrictions forced us to rely more on home-cooked food, naturally people became more educated on the food they consume.


With these restrictions, they could not solely rely on the restaurant experience to provide gourmet food. Without access to more exclusive cuts of meat, let alone dry aged meat, people began to experiment with producing restaurant-quality flavours at home.


One successful activity was to cook at home with the chef – restaurants would provide a box of ingredients for a customer, and they could follow the instructions or online with a Zoom session, learning how to cook with new flavours.

This brought a great deal of interest for meat enthusiasts to dry age beef at home, rather than only enjoying it at their favourite steakhouse.

This demand for top quality ingredients flowed onto restaurants and butcher shops, with the need to supply dry aged cuts at scale to a hungry customer base.


As a result of this increased demand of quality ingredients, retail butcher stores and supermarkets particularly began stocking, and putting on show the dry aged beef in its process, with the DRY AGER DX1000 Premium.


What did this eye-catching addition do to the customer experience?


Customers who had reserved their cut of dry aged goodness would visit, almost daily, to the store and watch it in its process, taking photos and sharing this experience with their nearest and dearest. Eagerly awaiting the 21 days of when they could celebrate with their dry aged beef celebration!


This feeling of anticipation and celebration soon became a connection to the store they purchased from, and the connection went deeper than simply a buy and sell experience we all associate supermarket trips with.


Craving knowledge as to where their produce has come from and how it got to their plate is not uncommon, this hunger for knowledge is here to stay, as transparency and quality become increasingly important for retailers and meat producers.


So is dry aged here to stay? Is there a demand for it?


Put simply yes.


Consumers thirst for knowledge, to learn more about how meat can be better handled and cared for to curate an extraordinary experience.


Dry aged beef display and process excites every customer as they walk through a retail butcher store and supermarket, it’s a new distinction of meat, not previously explored, and boy do consumers love the journey.


So are you hoping to find your next product that will excite your customers? Looking for the next best thing, not a fad but a new meat flavour.


Look no further.



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