Dry Aged Fish

It’s the same concept and process as dry aging beef, but a different protein. Dry aging fish has totally revolutionised the traditional way people have been perceiving the quality of fish.

Initial thoughts when you think about how to understand the quality of fish is how fresh is it? Is it one or three days old? Here’s why fresh isn’t always what’s best and we delve into the new dry aging trend that has taken Australian restaurants by storm.

Fresh is just boring

Chefs always want to be using the best ingredients in their meals, the ingredient that will wow and spark a new connection with the patron, get them excited to keep coming back.

Fish freshly caught has its own distinct flavour – like Wild King Fish it could have a pronouned lemon-flavour and fine crisp skin.

By aging your Wild King Fish for 8/9 days, the flavour is completely transformed and developed. No, it isn’t dry, it’s juicy and tender, with a wild-mouth watering flavour that you can only achieve by dry aging.

Peak condition

Fish aged in the DRY AGER is essentially kept in its peak, prime condition. Far more delicious, tender and succulent than a regular fillet of fish.

But how long do you dry age fish for?

It depends on the fish, for example Wild King Fish’s optimum aging time is 8-9 days dry aged, while a Mahi-Mahi’s best is after 5 days.

We recommend that the maximum duration to age fish is 14 days, at 1°C and 90% relative humidity.


Who Dry Ages Fish in Australia?

For the best beef, you go to a butcher, for the best fish, you go to the fish butcher!

Fish Butchery over in Paddington , NSW have recently begun their journey with the DRY AGER and bring dry aging fish to the Australian market.

Head over to their site – www.fishbutchery.com.au

Not sure how to cook it yourself? – yes, there’s a restaurant for that too.  A few doors down is Saint Peter – your go-to fish restaurant.

Check them out online – www.saintpeter.com.au 









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