Dry Ager – The Steakhouse Interview


Why should every steakhouse have a Dry-Ager?

Because aging meat has perfectly has never been this easy or looked so good. Easy to use, timeless design. Easy to care for and above all, safe. Only one thing improves meat – time.

“The Dry Ager was the best decision for us. It’s a plug and play solution that doesn’t need a water source.” Joachim Föhr, Owner - Buffalo Steakhouse.

Thanks to our globally unique sterlisation system, germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance.

No other dry-aging refrigerator works like the dry ager, the intelligent control mechianisms always produce the ideal micro-climate. Even with large changes in outside temperature, innovation made in Germany.

“We have just 7% weight loss after 4 weeks of maturation on the bone.”

The only dry-aging system that truly stands out. The Dry Ager’s awarding-winning design makes it perfect as a showcase in your dining room either integrated or on its own.

“The bank of Dry Ager fridges makes the restaurant a real experience”

The customer chooses his or her meat, sees the entire aging process and preparation.

“To see the meat on view is an absolute highlight. It’s a totally cool presentation.”

A restaurant serving meat from the Dry Ager instantly belongs to the most professional.

“So, I had fantastic meat.”

“I had a wonderful steak like I’ve never had before.”


Are you ready for the DRY AGER?

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