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Twin DX1000 at the Middle Park Hotel in Melbourne.

Twin DX1000 at the Station Hotel in Melbourne.

Popular restaurant in Melbourne, Middle Park Hotel were very proud to have their side-by-side Dry Ager® DX1000’s installed in the dining area of their restaurant.

Located just 6kms from the CBD, Middle Park Hotel boast offers dining in the bar and restaurant, championing the best Victorian produce to serve to their patrons.

The Dry Ager® allows restaurants to add a functional aspect to the classic dining area, a feature that will excite the senses of patrons and provide a centerpiece to the restaurant.

With patrons now eager to try the best and experience dining on a complete new level, the Dry Ager® cabinets allow patrons to feel involved in the dry aging process, prompting them to ask about the process and learn of the history behind this traditional aging method.

Economic efficiencies for meat has been widely encouraged by the industry, utlising the wet-aged method, with minimal gap between slaughter and plating. Dry aging strings out this process and allows the enzymes of the meat to break down into the muscle tissue, to intensify the taste and form a tender meat texture.

It’s a preferred choice of meat enthusiasts, with many commenting that it is the true and authentic taste of meat that they have always been expecting, and now get to experience.

More people are asking for dry aged meat in restaurants and butcher shops all over Australia. Palettes are expanding and patrons are seeking the “wow” experience when dining, not just on the plate, but in the lead up to eating.

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