Somerset Meats

Somerset Meats is a locally owned business which has been in operation since 1999. In this time they have built their reputable brand on quality.

Somerset Meats started its climb to the top from a small shop in Waratah employing just 3 people and only having a small local customer base. But through hard work and a focus on quality, Somerset Meats has now become one of the largest meat wholesalers in the region. With over 150 customers, Somerset is continuing to grow and now employs over 15 staff and has upgraded the small shop at Waratah to a large scale warehouse operation in Sandgate.

Somerset Meats offers a diverse range of products with the main goal being customer satisfaction from quality meat in unison with service exceeding expectations.

Incorporating their DRY AGER DX1000 in 2018, Somerset have introduced dry aging to the community, by providing them with high quality, flavoursome meat, using the best dry ager cabinet, 100% Made in Germany – the DRY AGER.

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