LZH Butchers Smithfield

LZH Butchers is a family owned and operated retail butcher shop. The LZH stands for Laura, Zach and Hannah.

Glen Norton the owner of LZH Butchers got into the meat industry at a mature age after serving in the Australian Army for 16 Years.

Glen completed his mature aged apprenticeship in Derby WA with Sampey Meats. Whilst at Sampey Meats Glen found his passion for great customer service and providing a product that met the local communities’ standards, being cattle country, this standard was very high.


In January 2018 LZH butchers opened their first Butcher shop in Smithfield Shopping Centre, (Cairns) and the second shop in DFO Cairns in May 2019.

LZH Butchers is proud of the fact that they only provide the best quality products that are sourced locally.
All their beef, Veal & Goat are from the Tablelands, (Morganbury Meats) and lambs sourced from Morganbury Meats.

LZH Butchers is a traditional butcher shop, they will make any product that a customer requests on demand from scratch utilising the best products. LZH Butchers source everything locally. By buying local products that have been hand selected for the team by their suppliers, they are reducing the costs to customers and guarantee the product is fresh.

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