Fibber McGee’s Irish Pub & Steakhouse

Famous for their dry aged steak and Irish imported Guiness, Fibber McGee's are passionate about serving quality, dry aged steak, homemade soda bread, cured bacon, glazes and dressings at their Newcastle Street location.

Fibber McGee’s own organic farm keeps the restaurant stocked with organic produce and premium grass fed steaks, which are dry aged on the premises until they reach peak flavour and tenderness. Fibber McGee dry age their meat on-site, using their Dry Ager® DX1000 cabinets.

Served char grilled with hand cut potato, tempura onion rings, organic vegetables and house made condiments, they’re recognised as some of the finest steaks in Perth – if not beyond.


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Dry Ager goodness, delivered fortnightly.

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