Crown State Meat

Australian Wagyu Beef Producer, supplying premium quality Wagyu beef to customers, domestically and abroad. It is their steadfast mission to meet customers’ needs in producing high quality, well-bred Wagyu cattle that taste excellent and meet market specifications.
Over 11,000 acres of highly productive country in the state New South Wales, Australia.

The beef operation starts with the analysis and careful selection of genetically superior Black Angus and Full Blood Black Wagyu bulls purposefully chosen for their performance in growth and carcass traits high in marbling and yield.

Similar to fine wine, Wagyu beef produced from different regions of the world will have a distinct taste of its terroir. To the astute beef connoisseur, the naturally rich and productive soils of our cattle property combined with its diverse topography and reliable rainfall lends itself to producing cattle of a superior flavour.

From paddock to plate, all efforts culminate with a finished product that is of the highest standard in quality and taste. It is the steadfast goal to supply premium quality Wagyu beef while putting a priority on animal welfare and food safety through proper animal husbandry and individual traceability of each Wagyu cattle through the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS). The cattle have not been fed GMO (Genetically Modified) grains and are HGP (Hormone Growth Promotants) free.

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