Sam Canning

Sam Canning from Cannings Free Range Butchers

“It’s another area of the craft that we can really sink our teeth into, pardon the pun”

cannings_black dx1000

The two Black Edition DX1000’s at Cannings

Cannings Free Range Butchers is a community favourite in Melbourne, having just opened their seventh store. The business’ dedication to serving the local community with high welfare and ethically sourced produce sets them apart from any other butcher in Melbourne.

“The level of care we put into [Cannings Free Range Butchers] allows us to be mindful, every step of the way in our business decisions and exceed the expectations of our customers.” Owner of Cannings Free Range Butchers, Sam Canning.

As a business owner, Sam Canning ensures that every element of his butcheries is shaped with quality materials to deliver only the finest product to his customers. From the knives to the countertops, each tool is hand selected to produce the best quality results, including the Dry Ager cabinets.

Canning found that the Dry Ager brand offers a higher quality cabinet at a competitive price point, which was everything he was looking for a fast-growing butcher business. “The Dry Ager is intuitive and easy to use, just refined and simple… and it looks good!”

Cannings Free Range Butchers prides itself on the look and feel of their shops. With a sophisticated and modern style, the Dry Ager is a perfect addition to improve an already high-quality experience.

dry aged beef in cabinet_cannings

Beef in the Dry Ager at Cannings

dry aged beef

Dry Aged Beef

“It looks great in the shop. It adds a level of theatre and interest and authenticity to the butcher factor. Having the Dry Ager at the front of the shop, it’s one of the first things the customer sees when they walk in, it adds to the interest and authenticity. It’s great for the atmosphere!”

Canning’s business is thriving, so it’s essential to offer specialty products and experiences to keep up with demand. The Dry Ager has provided the opportunity to cater to a diverse range of customers with the ability to manage product quality.

Cannings Free Range Butchers’ have a system to keep up with the demand for dry aged meats, “we have two Dry Agers side by side, with one that’s two weeks ahead of the other one… so there’s a constant rotation of product”. The butchers then cut the meat fresh from the Dry Ager to sell to the delighted public.

“I’m proud to have the Dry Ager cabinets, I like offering that service, and it excites me to have that side of it. It’s an interesting factor for customers, and it’s another layer of interest for myself. It’s another area of the craft that we can really sink our teeth into, pardon the pun.”

At the end of the day it comes down to the final product and end result; the quality of the meat. Working with a Dry Ager is a nurturing process for a butcher, where you can view the process of the meat aging. And meat, like a fine wine only gets better with age!

“It produces a genuine and good quality dry aged product, and it doesn’t overly dry out the meat. Some dry agers dehydrate the meat, but the Dry Ager gives the meat a perfect balance of moisture extraction, so it’s not destroying the meat and drying it out to buggery. It still keeps a little of the moisture and enough for it to break down in a nice way.”

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