Australian Hotel Inverell

The quaint country town of Inverell boasts The Australian Hotel, a charming, familiar pub which has undergone a modest facelift. Harnessing the power of dry-aged products, this establishment is swiftly ascending to remarkable success.


In their pursuit of excellence, the Australian Hotel Inverell, made the strategic decision to invest in the DX1000 Smart Ager. Choosing the popular option of hire, their team was assured that they could return the cabinet free of charge if the desired results were not achieved.



The introduction of the DRY AGER has led to a significant increase in the perceived value of their steaks, with customers willingly paying more for this exceptional dining experience without hesitation.


The popularity of dry-aged products has drawn crowds from near and far, consistency filling the bistro for lunch and dinner; Wednesday through to Saturday. The Australian Hotel Inverell has successfully integrated dry-aged products into their menu, pleasing the palates of their customers and establishing themselves as a go-to destination.


The financial investment in the DX1000 Smart Ager has proved to be a lucrative decision for the business. They have effortlessly covered the cost of hiring the DX1000, making it a smart and rewarding business decision.

If you are an establishment looking to replicate this success and astound your own clientele with exceptional dry-aged products, enquire today about our hire options.

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