Australian Lamb Co

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, supermarkets and butchers around the world are buying Australian Lamb Company Group (ALC) products from our two fully licensed facilities located in Sunshine, Melbourne and Colac in south west Victoria.

ALC exports to over 70 countries worldwide. Established customers know to expect superior meat quality and consistency. The process begins with individually selected farmers, whose commitment to rearing prime quality lambs, is coupled with leading management practices and a dedication to continually improving product standards. All ALC’s livestock are protected under the Livestock Welfare Certified System, which demonstrates their commitment and compliance to ensure best-practice animal welfare standards during transport and receival of livestock at processing establishments.

Australia is renowned for its clean, green and fresh farming lands. ALC produces and sources its product form regions with temperate climates and high rainfall, where the resulting product is fresh tender and flavoursome.

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