Dry Aging Trial: Kilcoy Grass Fed Beef Picanha

Picanha is one of the most prized cuts of beef first in Brazil, and a staple at their traditional barbeques. From Brazil, its popularity spread to Portugal, and then across the world.


In Australia, its more commonly known as rump cap. It’s one of the more flavourful cuts of meat you’ll find, without being overly expensive.

At DRY AGER Australia, we wanted to test if it was possible to significantly boost this already tasty cut with the dry aging process.


After running a 10-day dry aging programme in our cabinet, we found rump cap responds superbly to the technique, gaining an incredible depth of flavour.



The Trial:

The rump cap was dry aged for 10 days, at 2.5 degrees Temp, 85% Humidity. While a relatively short aging cycle, we saw the picanha cut age and change significantly in that time.


The cap of fat became more pronounced, as moisture was pulled out of the meat, giving the beef a more intense flavour. The lean portion darkened in colour and formed a hard outer crust.


The Results:

We noted a significant difference in taste with the dry aged rump cap. It gained a far more pronounced umami hit, along with a richer taste.


The mouthfeel also improved, with a more buttery texture, and a complex, subtle nutty aftertaste and smell.


How to cook Dry-Aged Picanha:

  1. Trim the meat (leaving as much fat as possible)
  2. Coat the Picanha in Extra Virgin Olive oil
  3. Add a rub of cracked Pepper, sea salt + a little magic dust © , and Honey Killer Bee © (on top only)
  4. Place it on a Webber Q, at 220°C
  5. Cook the meat for 10 mins with the top (fat side) down on grill
  6. Flip it and finish off the cooking in a pan, with water and onions on a roasting rack
  7. Monitor the internal temperature of the meat until it is around 50 – 52°C
  8. Remove and cover with foil for 10 mins to allow the meat to rest
  9. Carve & enjoy!

Note: Make sure you choose a piece of Picanha with as much fat as possible to age.


For an even better result, use a cut with marbling – such as a MS5 Wagyu


So, if you already love rump cap with your barbeque or roast meal, try dry aging this delicious cut of meat first, and be blown away with the complexity and intensity the DRY AGER Cabinets can give it.

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